Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Toys make it fun!!

Hey Strength seekers,

Even though I can make any toy I want, I still enjoy getting some, especially when they are a good deal.
I stumbled across MuscleDriverUSA, and they had the grey series k-bells 50% off.  I have some DragonDoor k-bells, many of my own, some loadable ones, some homeade ones, but, as with any strength toy, I must have more.  I ordered a 36 kg one last week.  It came to $106 shipped to me!  Plus, it showed up today!  Bravo for quick shipping and a nice deal MuscleDriver.  There are two other brands of k-bells that I have.  A Power Systems and a competition one.  Very disappointed with both.  The power systems one came and before I could use it I had to literally sand and file the handle so that I wouldn't get cut and ripped up from the poor cast job. The competition one was ok, but the cast job on it was a very sad situation.  The handle was ok at least.  Anyway, I was wondering what my latest one was going to be like...I have to say it is very smooth cast job.  Not from putty or thick paint covering either, it seems to be a nice solid bell.  Yea!
Not sure how long the sale will be, but if you have been shopping for kettlebells and want a good deal, they have 18kg, 36 kg and a lighter weight on sale right now.  I actually got two 18's coming as well:)
Just thought I'd let ya know.  Here is a link to them.

Gods Peace and Strength


Deanmc said...

I heard throughnthe grapevine that the MDs are from the same manufaturer as the DDs, I have several of the MDs myself, love 'em :)

Ryan J Pitts said...

I'm really satisfied with it. Can't wait for my other two to show up this week. TWO 18 kG for $120.00 shipped to me!!!