Thursday, February 23, 2012

Grip Competition Frostbite challenge

Hey strength seekers,

This weekend will be my first grip competition of the year.  It's being hosted at one of my favorite places to grip, the Movement Minneapolis.  Hosted by Adam T Glass.  I'm super excited and look forward to my 10 hour round trip grip journey.  I'll have my favorite co pilots Lexi(8) and Logan(11) along with me for the trip.  As busy as I've been in the last two months, I always look forward to a good Grip competition.  To compete in grip is a pretty simple and not to taxing thing to do.  If you love grip and are looking to compete, DO IT.  No worries on being the best or breaking records, just get in there and Grip.  Have fun.

I see so many different styles and ways of training, each one promising to be the best and give you the most bang for your buck.  Some literally push your limits and tear you down.  Others you can sweat in front of your tv.  What's best?  Beats the heck out of me.  What's best for me?  Doing what I find enjoyable without beating myself into the dirt.  My training is very casual.  It's not life or death, it's not something I MUST do, it's something I choose to do and have a ton of fun doing it.  To me this is best, for me.  After many, many years, this seems to be a very sustainable way to go.  My goal is to be healthy and strong into my 100's.  And quite honestly over training,  no pain,no gain, and other stressful training models just don't seem to be the answer for longevity.  Almost quite the opposite.  When I hear someone who used to train tell me their war stories, I kind of chuckle and think to myself, what a choice.  But really, they have another choice, to change the way they think about training and how they train.  Past injuries or not, you can always improve on where you are at.  You just may not be able to bench 400 lbs like ya used to or train in whatever crazy way that got you hurt in the first place.  You can focus on getting better and improving your health at any time.

If you'll be in MN and around the Movement Minneapolis, stop in and have fun or just watch.

Gods Peace and Strength


Chuck said...

good luck. i did my first grip competition a few weeks ago at andrew durniat's gym. i had a great time and met some good people.

i read a training book a while back called "Power to the People". the one big take away i got from it was always leave something in the tank when training. don't end a set on failure. don't grind, unless it is a competition of course. i believe adam glass has a similar philosophy.

i think this way of thinking will lead to longevity of weight training. it is sometimes a hard thing to remember while at the gym. you always want to grind out that last rep. just remind yourself to stop and enjoy the journey.

Ben Edwards said...

Congrats on the win at the comp Ryan! You earned it man. Some excellent performances in all weight classes.

Ben Edwards