Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

Hey strength seekers

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!  I love Christmas because of what it means to me.  I love getting together with family and friends. 
What follows Christmas is  the New Year.  The promise of change.  The opportunity to get better.  The chance to change things in your life.  No matter where you were or what you did last year, you now have the amazing gift of a New Year.  We all do.  What we do with it is totally in our hands.  I want you to have the best year you can have.  A strong, healthy and vibrant year is waiting.  Go and get it.
The end of this year has been amazing for StrongerGrip.  It has also been a personal best for many things in my own life. 
In my quest for health and strength I am always gathering and taking in information.  Honestly, mostly focusing on training.  Nutrition seemed to lack behind.  Not any more.  I was inspired by something called primal or paleo eating.  Not new by any means, but when you discover something on your own and actually test it out and implement it in your own life, it's a whole new world.  I'll share more of my primal journey as the New Year starts.  I've been slowly becoming quite a force in the kitchen and also been transforming the kitchen into somewhere I want to be and can maneuver around in with ease.(I need to do this in the shop next!)

Check out these pictures of my new beam, made from old barn boards and the horseshoe hangers that were made recently.  With the wood, my dad helped out, the steel I was good with.  This has definitely made things easier in the kitchen.  So, you may be wondering why I'm sharing my kitchen experience with you.
  It is just another piece of the health puzzle.  I'm leaner, stronger and have never felt better, EVER!  That's why I'm excited about this.  I went from a bloated, energy drinking 189 lbs to a lean, strong, and full of energy(without the drinks) 170 lbs! 
My goal was not to lose weight,  It was to simply get control of my eating habits and eat more nutritious and healthy foods.  That's it.  Our beliefs on nutrition, health and training come from somewhere.  Are they true?  Do we hold on to these beliefs without testing them out?  If something is not working for you, it's time to change or test out something else.  It's not that hard.  What is hard is letting go of years and years of beliefs that may not be true.  What would you like to see from yourself in the New Year?  Whatever it is, go after it!!

With the New Year coming, I am giving away some New Years gifts.  If you are on my email list, you already know about this.  If you're not on it, to get it on the giveaway is to send me an email with the subject SG New Year to and that will put you on the list and give you the chance to win something!

Gods Peace and Strength

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