Sunday, November 13, 2011

Grip strength galore

Hey strength seekers

Yesterday was the Grip Decathlon II in Minneapolis MN held at The Movement Minneapolis and hosted by AdamTGlass.  The day was great. My son Logan and I arose early-4am and took to the road shortly after. It's a 5 hour drive one way.  Weather was ideal and I was feeling super.  More on that in another post. We arrived to a nice showing of gripsters ready to get it going.  The format was very smooth.  No one was sitting idle at any time.  Everyone was either gripping, pinching, hanging, or doing something with those amazing things called hands!  There were PR's, there was cheering, and encouragement.  There were new people who had not yet experienced the addicting and enjoying sport known as grip, or Grip Athletics as I like to call it.  There were seasoned gripsters who enjoyed yet another fantastic day to do amazing things with their mitts!  In 4 hours there was sooo much that got grippped, lifted, squeezed, and pinched that I would love to be a fly on the wall today for those that did their first Grip contest.  I'm sure I would be a smiling fly!
I was a sponsor for the event and everyone that competed is receiving the NEW SG T-shirts with the StrongerGrip Ape on them.  And the top dog, Ben Edwards 1st place will be getting $100 in SG bucks to spend as he desires in the SG store.
I have never felt better than I did at yesterdays event.  It was almost surreal for me.  I'll comment on what I did and changes I think may have attributed to the almost magical strength that I felt.  It may have been the New SG Ape shirt, I'm just saying.  They are being printed as I write, so look for them in less than 2 weeks.
Grippers.  Fun, challenging and sometimes downright frustrating.  I have never even been close to closing a #3 before and kinda, sorta put in aside as an unattainable deed for me.  Wrong!! My grippers were surprisingly strong and I closed 2 different rated 3's yesterday!! Yeah! Here's a video of the #3  155 rated close.  And it felt easy.

Enjoy your Sunday.
Gods Peace and Strength


Ben Edwards said...


Fantastic meeting you and I really enjoyed competing with you at the contest! Especially enjoyed seeing your first (and then second) #3 closes! Great work man.

Ryan J Pitts said...

Thanks Ben, a great honor to compete with an amazing grip athlete as yourself. Glad you were there and hope next time you are 100%! You were probably running at 50% and still won!!

Anonymous said...

this is so fake i you can see you sqeeze it with your left hand before you sqeeze with your right try it with one hand