Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thumb and Pinch strength tool

Hey strength seekers

A while back one of my ideas that I sketched down was around the premise of building thumb and pinch strength.  More than just the normal deadlift type grip stuff.  This was envisioned as a dumbbell for pinch and thumb strength.  You won't find them at your local gym, but grip enthusiasts have taken a liking to it.  It became the StrongerGrip Thumbbell.  Used for pinch lifting, pinch curls, and thumb levers. 
It now has longer loading space for plates and more room for your hand. 

And of course you can use a combo of digit grips.  Thumb and forefinger, 2 fingers and thumb etc.  Have fun and build yourself a set of mean pinchers with the Thumbbell.

Gods Peace and Strength

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