Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mace & Club training

Hey strength seekers.
The mace basic short video I promised should be ready tomorrow.  I don't know if it's my PC, or what, but I almost had it uploaded and it crashed...again.  What a pain!  Anyway, I'll discuss some club and mace basics.
When you first pick them up, explore them, feel them.  If you are familiar with kettlebells, you are ahead in terms of how to and body mechanics.  If you are not familiar with kettlebells, know that these dynamic swinging implements are not dumbbells and barbells.  Yes, you can do those typical basic weight exercises, like curls or rows and such.  I love the bodybuilding magazines showing a super, extra-terrestrial ground up nut powder supplement that will answer all your training goals that has a dude doing a bent over row with a kettlebell!!  Come-on, kettlebells, maces, & clubs are different tools.  To get the incredible benefits of what they offer, you must learn how to swing them. 
A big lesson is to swing these tools with by concentrating on your middle, your core, and getting the power from the ground up.  Picture your feet as electrical cord plugs and plug them into the ground, that is where the power begins, then transfer the feeling up to your torso and your arms become steel cords that are loose, but, powerful.  THE biggest point to be mindful of is that your arms are not doing the lifting or moving of the weight.  They are powerful steel braided wires that are connected to the weight by your hands.  You will learn to swing with the legs and torso.  Your arms will be worked, in a loose, tight manner.  Meaning as your swinging the implements, you'll have times of relax and tension.  Depending on where the weight is traveling at any given time.  This is one of the greatest benefits of using these.  You train your body to learn movements, you body learns how to use the relax/tension to move the weight.  It in turn makes you stronger in a dynamic way.  You will gain strength that equates to overall better performance on your field of choice!

Gods Peace & Strength

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mace swinging with a Bowling Ball

Hey strength seekers.
Here's a video of my bowling ball mace.  I drilled a hole through the ball and stuck a solid steel handle in it. Video is a couple of years old, but gives you another idea.  I may have a retro kit for you all to use an old bowling ball and turn one into a mace yourself, I'll see how it works.  Look tomorrow for some mace swinging basics on video.

Train well and stay strong.
Gods Peace & Strength

Monday, June 28, 2010

Back Strengthening

Hey strength seekers.
Building a stronger grip, mace & club swinging, sledgehammer training, as you know StrongerGrip has these tools covered.  Custom work and making what people want customized to them specifically is fun and gets my creative mind rolling.  A good customer requested a portable glute/ham raise device.  As with most custom orders, I take in the project and then let my mind think and soak it in.  Then it happens, a lightning bolt, a WOW moment when I picture it and make it reality.  The first prototype of this came out into a portable back raise that is super cool.  A few tweaks and changes and it will be a very nice portable glute/ham machine. 
Hyperextensions on the back raise are a great way to strengthen the back.  Another fun part of making the custom stuff is that I'll keep and use the first proto that turned out to be a PBR, Portable Back Raise.  As you can see in the pictures, this unit will slide under a door for stability or it can be used stand alone.  The leg folds up and takes up little room. 
Have a super Monday, and if you have any custom equipment ideas that you can not live without, get a hold of me at, look up Strongergrip on Facebook as well.
Gods Peace & Strength

Sunday, June 27, 2010

How to do a basic Mace swing

Hey strength seekers.
Here's a video from Jedd Johnson at Diesel showing how to swing the loadable mace.  It looks like he's got his loaded heavy, so pay attention when he says the movement is a push and a pull.  Especially when the mace is heavy.  The lighter the mace the more you can get in a non-stop rhythm and the push-pull is a bit less forceful.

Have a great Sunday!
Gods Peace & Strength

Friday, June 25, 2010

Grip and Wrist work with SG Indian Clubs

Hey strength seekers.
It'sssss Fridaaaay!  To tell you the truth, since going full time with StrongerGrip, everyday seems like Friday.  I wish you well in your training and enjoy the weekend.  For those that have the SG Thick Handle Grip Clubs here are some cool exercises for wrist and forearm work.  You can do them while watching the tube, or as a separate workout themselves.  Heck, do them after a club swinging session and really get your grip on!
Enjoy! Gods Peace & Strength

Thursday, June 24, 2010

GripBall Dumbbell, inch training

Hey strength seekers.  Grip training for beginners and advanced.  Thick bar lifting has been around for a long time.  It's what the old school weight trainers used to use quite often to improve their grip.  A cool twist on thick bars are the GripBall dumbbells.  I just came across one of Adam Glass videos where he uses the Gripball dumbbell with a another twist.  Check it out.

These are a great addition to your training.  Use them for all your regular dumbbell exercises, rows, presses, curls, cleans, and more!  Your grip will be challenged. 
On another note.  I have been adding weight to my loadable inch trainer.  It seems to helping and the feel is just like the inch.  I will note my progress and let you know how it translates to the real bell.

Have an awesome Wednesday!
Gods Peace & Strength

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where do Indian Clubs,Maces,Sledgehammers& Grip fit into your training

Hey strength seekers.  Today is going to be a short post.  It's more of a call to action.  It involves you.  I want to help everyone see where indian clubs, heavy and light, maces, sledgehammers and grip work fit into your training and how they specifically work into what YOU are doing.  But I need your help. 
Some of you are using these tools already.  Great!  Do me and those that want to start using them a huge favor and write me or send videos of you using your SG equipment and if you are training for something specific, let me know.  Write how your using them, where they fit into your training and how they are working for you. 
Those that have not yet used them or want to but do not know where to start.  I'm asking you to send me an email with any and all questions you have on these types of training tools. 
This will help me help you answer your questions and see where they fit in to your training and what they can offer you.  Send your questions and comments to

Gods Peace & Strength

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Indian Club Swinging with StrongerGrip Thick Handled Grip Clubs

Hey strength seekers.
Indian club swinging is a great way to improve many aspects of your training.   Club swinging has been around for quite a while.  There are the lighter weight club swinging and heavy club swinging. 
I enjoy both of these and they each serve their purpose.  Although heavy and light is relative to the person swinging them.  I'm going to talk specifically about the StrongerGrip Thick handled Grip Clubs.   These were made with for combination  club swinging and grip training.  They have thicker handles and a 3" globe on the handle end that is used for swinging as well.  The benefits of using them are many.  When swinging them you get the conditioning of the whole body when doing circuit swinging, going from one movement to the next and also a dynamic grip, hand and arm training too.  As with dynamic movements, like the kettlebell swings and snatches, the clubs are swung in a similar manner that the weight is moved through different ranges not by using just the arms, but the entire body and using larger muscle groups to get the weight in motion and transferring tension and looseness as the clubs travel their paths.  The clubs should move smoothly as your swinging them, picture them as an extension of your arms and hands.  When swinging any dynamic implement, there must be an awareness when using them.  At all times be mindful of how your body is feeling and responding to the movements.  Where the tension is, when to be loose, what should be tight and what should be loose.  Clubs swinging brings out and heightens coordination as well as opens up new movement patterns.  I've noticed that the club movements are picked up pretty quickly in young people.  They are very open to these patterns where some older people I've shown take to them a little slower.  I feel it has to do with as we age our body and mental patterns get in a stale groove and learning these new movements lubricates not only the body's joints and muscles but the mind as well. 
        Training with the Thick handled grip clubs works well with many specific sport training.
Boxing, MMA fighters where striking is involved.  Grab clubs and do punching motions with the clubs.  They can be gripped anywhere on the handle to make them harder or easier.   Levering and rotational wrist work with the clubs is a must for strong wrists.  Use them as push-up handles, and also use the globes for doing push-ups.
       Baseball, golf, racket sports.  All exercises are perfect to strengthen hands, wrist, forearms along with the core muscles which start all these sport motions.  I would recommend picturing your sport specific movement when you are swinging the clubs.  That will help determine where you will be focusing your body movement and different tensions as you're swinging.
       Not sure when to use them or how to start.  If you have been in physical training for a while, if you've been training with kettlebells especially, the club movements will come quickly.  When to use them would depend on your current training and what you want out of them.  Here are a few suggestions.  Strength athletes such as powerlifters and gym rats(bodybuilders), you guys take a beating, especially your shoulders, hands, wrists.  On your off days you can do some active recuperation with club swinging.  High reps, low reps mix it up, depending on your current condition.  Another great option to try would be swinging clubs between sets of your regular workout.  Say, after you complete your reps on a bench press, pick up the clubs and do some light swinging.  You'll not only feel good, but you may see a weight increase as well.  Club swinging would also work right after a hard session of training as a cool down.  It'll massage the shoulder muscles and get the body ready for recuperation.  
      In closing, a huge benefit of swinging clubs, is the way they open up the chest, loosen up the shoulders and strengthen the upper back, shoulder area all while swinging.  They are a real benefit for those that have been doing the same type of training for years and years.  Bodybuilders, powerlifters, MMA fighters and other athletes will take to club swinging nicely and will see big improvements in their endeavors.  They are great by themselves, or with other training your currently doing.   A super nice thing about the StrongerGrip clubs is the ability to load them heavier as you need.  The thick handled grip clubs are approx. 7lbs empty and can be loaded up to approx. 23 lbs.  That's a HUGE weight capacity in one set of clubs. 
If you have any questions on the SG clubs or how they would fit into your training shoot me an email at
Get swinging and take your training to the next level.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Strongman, Inch Dumbbell and Iron Clubs

Hey strength seekers,
We had a nice storm last night, high winds, plenty of rain, I was thinking how cool that would have looked to get a video swinging a mace in it!  To bad it was lightning or I would have tried, safety first. 
      Visit to the foundry was very cool.  I learned some great stuff and also had plenty of ideas that I wanted to inquire about and they were answered.
       First idea was getting an inch replica made and have it available for those seeking the legendary status of ripping it off the ground with one hand.  The two things that I want to solve with it, is the freight shipping of that beast is quite high.  Second, the 172 lb inch is for most a far, far off dream.  My goal is to get this thing so the shipping would be reasonable and also let someone work up to the beastly 172 lb.
      So here is what I'm planning on, making a mold that would be exact size as the inch, or very, very close to it.  I want  the weight be 135 lbs and have the mold have  voids where you would be able to fill the globes up to the 172 lbs.   This plan make the inch more user friendly.  Both in weight and shipping.  You have the solid cast feel, a nice start weight, and the cool ability to load it up to the original inch weight. 
     Next is making some solid iron clubs, with the look of the StrongerGrip globe style clubs.  What I'm wondering, and this is where you come in.  What weights would be desireable for these solid iron clubs? Comment or email me at  These foundry projects will take having molds made, which is a costly process, so your feedback helps. 
Dumbbells in picture are a custom 8" Globe loadable, 2.47" diameter handle, a 172 lb inch cast, and a 10" globe loadable, with 2-3/8" diameter handle. Fun, fun, fun!!

Have an awesome weekend!
Gods Peace & Strength

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Grip, Clubs and possibilities

Hey strength seekers.
I'm in a constant mode of excitement!  I am amazed at how many possibilities and opportunities are available.  What's going on now Ryan, you might say.  This morning I am heading to a foundry.  You know a dirty, melting steel foundry.   Picture kettlebells.  They are made in a foundry.  Sounds fun, right?  Well it is when you've got my mind and the ideas in it!  First, I have an inch dumbbell Jedd from Diesel crew sent my way.  Just to borrow though.  I want to have that bad boy reproduced, and maybe with a little twist.  Another idea I want to try is making solid iron clubs with the look of the StrongerGrip globe clubs.  Fixed weight, cool as heck, solid iron clubs.  I'll let you know how all this turns out.
Speaking of clubs, I am intrigued at how quick young kids take to and learn the club and mace movements.  I believe that as we get older we get set in our patterns and movements and maybe even our mental connections get a bit rusty.  Another reason I promote club and mace swinging is the mental and physical benefits they provide.  Take the basic 360 mace swing.  You start in one direction, awkward at first, but with practice, you get it.  Now switch directions, whoa, even more awkard, then after some practice it starts flowing.  Learning these movements and patterns improves your coordination.  And as a youth or adult, coordination is good.  In sports and life, coordination is good.
Train smart, get better and have fun!
I'll let you know how the foundry visit went, it's a different manufacturing process and I'm excited to learn about it.
Gods Peace & Strength

Monday, June 14, 2010

Introducing the StrongerGrip Kettleshell

Hey strength seekers.
Here is a project that has been on paper and in prototype for several years.  I like it.  It makes sense, and is really quite functional.  It's a loadable kettlebell with a hemisphere top and straight bottom.  This allows more room to fill with weight, so it can be loaded to a heavier capacity than a more globe style.  The bigger flat bottom also allows for more stable base when doing other bodyweight exercises with it.  I will get the capacities in a future post.  For the 6" and 8".  I can see a bigger 10" or 12" for heavy swings!  Give me some feedback on these and any comments, questions or suggestions.   This kettleshell is going to my 14 year old godson for conditioning for his sports he plays.  A great start!    The kettleshell falls nicely on the forearm just like a regular kettlebell.  I have some other ideas, additions, or options for the kettleshell.  Stay tuned. 
The ones pictured are two toned because the base and handle are stainless steel.  Don't ya wish you were a family member!
The first idea I had with these came from a cross between a kettlebell and one of my gripballs.  It has the kettleshell base with a 3" globe for the handle part.  Very brutal, and cool.  I believe I posted pics of it a while back, I think.
Till next time.

Gods Peace & Strength

Lilfe is full of opportunities

Hey strength seekers.
Hope your starting off the week with a bang!  Since following my dream and going full time StrongerGrip I can honestly say I love Mondays! And Tuesdays....  I really love every day!  Every day is one filled with opportunity.  Some, can not believe I would leave a job paying 50K a year in these hard times.  People can't believe that with a big family, I  would leave the security of a regular paycheck.  Well, my friends, I have always had a problem with those that do not know how to believe.  Truthfully as we get older, many of our dreams and beliefs get challenged and we start lowering our expectations and do what we can to just get by.  As a young kid I was challenged with extreme shyness and pretty much kept to myself.  I didn't know why, I just knew I didn't like the feeling.  I've always had a passion for libraries and all the information that was available.  I found many books like The Magic of Thinking Big by David Scwartz, all of Norman Vincent Peale books, and many other authors.  I was just a teenager, but these books helped me change my thinking and gave me hope and a whole new outlook on life.  Reading is still a huge favorite of mine and starting a business was new to me as well, guess what, there are a ton of books on that as well.  You DO have the power to change your situation, no matter what it is.  You at least have the power to change the way you deal with situations and I encourage and challenge everyone to do just that.  There will always be opportunities available to us, we just have to be open and looking. 
I assume that most reading this are pursuing strength and health, just like me.  So most of you know that the pursuit of strength and health also has a huge impact on our not only our bodies, but also our minds.   So keep pursuing strength and don't forget to train your mind as well!
Get out there and follow your dreams, be open to opportunities and enjoy life!
Tomorrow, I'm going to show some mace swinging with movement.

Gods Peace & Strength

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stronger Grip and the wide audience

Hello strength seekers.  Those that have been following SG for a while know that all SG equipment offers benefits to everyone.  Of course, the stronger your grip the stronger you are in all aspects of your game.  And with the dynamics of the clubs, maces and sledgehammers, they reward you with a stronger grip, more powerful body and an explosive athleticism to take you to the next level.  I'm quite excited that the University of Texas has just purchased some SG equipment for their athletic department.  I'm sure they will benefit from using it.  I also just made a special custom sledge for a dad whos daughter plays softball.  He bought the half-tire and wanted a lighter sledge.  So I took the standard SLS and shaved a couple pounds off.  I used stainless steel end caps and put a pretty sweet paint job on it, with the handle having a textured paint.  Check it out.
If you all want to see a lighter sledge made available, let me know.  I have also been getting questions and requests for the large half-tire.  I am sending them out, but only on a per request basis.  The shipping on them will be calculated by buyers location.  Eventually they will be online.  Summer is in full swing, and Strongergrip is here to serve your strength and health needs. 

Gods Peace & Strength

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stronger Grip sponsorship

Hello strength seekers!
A nice weekend to be strong and healthy!  It's nice to be strong and healthy everyday, right?  You bet.  I love strength, you know that.  I'm a fan of all types of training and physical endeavors.  Myself, I'm 185 lbs stand 5'10", not what you'd call Worlds strongest man stature, but, I take my hat off to those that pursue that.  June 19 in PA. Greg Plowman is holding the Oil Regions Strongest man contest.  The link will take you to an appl. form with the info.  Now the first 35 competitors will receive a SG t-shirt and there will also be some SG tools for winners!  Here is the back pic of the T-shirt.
Let me know what you think of the picture.  I'm doing some designs for StrongerGrip t-shirts that'll be available on the NEW site.   There will also be a media for loading link as well as a custom equipment gallery page.
Gods Peace & Strength

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sledge Training and Club hand postion

Hey strength seekers.
Were now into June and this months random newsletter drawing winner will be receiving and email.  Tell your friends to sign up on the SG homepage for the Newsletter so they'll have a chance to get $75 credit to get some fantastic StrongerGrip training tools.  You may or may not have experienced sledge training.  It's a great addition to your training.  And I believe the StrongerGrip Sledge and half-tire is a safe, fun and effective way to go for several reasons.
1)The Sledge Hammers are loadable. Giving you one sledge with the capacity to load to a wide range of weights.
2) The large surface area for hitting keeps the hammer head on target, with no worries of twisting in your hand.
3)The gripping part of the handle is oval shaped like a sledge hammer for excellent control of sledge.
4)The SG sledges are built out of high quality materials and crafted for strength and durability. USA baby!
5)The SG half-tire is an amazing, portable, convenient apparatus to hit with your sledge.
6)The Half-tire absorbs the blow nicely, keeping the focus on conditioning. 
7) The arc of the half-tire offers some nice hitting transitions as you go from one side to the other. Or just blasting it straight on.
Here's Alpha Co Fitness in Chico CA getting ready to have some fun with their SG Monster Sledge.
 This weekend I'll be putting on the 2 lb Lightweight clubs.  These are a fantastic alternative to wood or plastic indian clubs.  Plus they have the SG benefit of being loadable.  So you are not stuck with a fixed 1 or 2 lb club, you have a steel club starting at 2 lbs and loading to approx. 4-5 lbs.  Below is a picture with hand position for the lighter clubs.

The samller handle and ball on end fits really nice in the hand.  The light weight clubs are used with relaxed arm and shoulder motions, the club swings in hand like a ball and socket, your not gripping just the handle but with the first two fingers on handle and the other two cradling the globe on end.
Hope everyone is having a great summer and making progress in your training!
Gods Peace & Strength