Monday, July 26, 2010

Which ones the Dummy?

Hey strength seekers.
For those that don't know me, I love strength, health, martial arts, and anything physical and mentally that has to do with strength.  I also have been creating and making training devices since I was 16.  Sometimes I don't sleep well because I keep thinking of new things to create!  I love it!  Last night after some work in the shop, I had a movie to watch.  What one?  Ip Man.  Yes, it was a martial arts film with Donnie Yen and it was about Ip Man, the teacher of Wing Chun.  Bruce Lee was a student of his at one time.  Wing Chun has a training device called the Muk Yan Jong or Wooden Dummy.  Here's the back story, I started working in a machine shop at 16 drawing blueprints and later learning and becoming a journeyman machinist.  Well,  about 16 years ago I had to have a wooden dummy. I didn't want to buy one, so guess what, I made one.  I took a 5 ft section of a telephone pole and turned the diameter down to 9".  While I was at it I also took a black locust tree trunk and did the same.  I turned the arms out of hard hedgewood.  It turned out pretty sweet for a young kid making his first wooden dummy! 
One of the cool things I liked about Wing Chun was the conditioning that you get from using the dummy. That and the straight line offense and defense that is learned.  A very nice, compact and efficient martial art. 
After watching the movie, which was pretty good, I had to get my muk yan jong back out.  My son loves watching martial arts movies as well, so together we can work the dummy.  The movie was about the oppression of the Chinese by the Japanese.  And how cultures are subdued and held back by others.  America may not perfect, but I love being able to appreciate all cultures and learn from what they all offer.  Freedom is not free, but man do I appreciate it and the unlimited possibilities that it offers all of us.  Do we take it for granted?  Do we really know that we are free?  Or do we feel trapped and let lifes trials keep our freedom oppressed and without hope?  I hope that all of us feel and know how blessed we are.  I hope that everyone finds that spark, that inspiration to not only change their own lives but others as well.  We DO have freedom and we make choices of how we use it. 
Gods Peace & Strength


Tommy Heslep said...

Nice Dummy.I'm going to make one also.Ip man was a great movie.Have you seen part 2 yet? said...

Hey Tommy,
Sweet, if I can help in any way, let me know. I have not seen part two yet. I also have not forgot about you and the project. I'll do my best to get a proto out by Sept.
Talk to you soon.

Spartaco said...

Yip man is one of my favourite movies !