Sunday, July 25, 2010

Strongman Performance

Hey strength seekers.
Hope you had a fantastic weekend!  Mine was awesome!  We had a local kids day, car show, street festival on Saturday.  I was asked to perform in the afternoon.  I agreed and put on a demonstration of different feats of strength.  I love performing and sharing with others.  I am 5' 10" and weigh 180 lbs.  Not a mountain of a man, so it catches people of guard when I can do the things that I do.  Here is what I did.  Bent horseshoes, bent 60d nails, bent 1/2" bars across the back of my neck, a 24" one into a U and a 28" one into a fish, drove a nail through a board with my hand and one of my favorites, gave kids a swing with my jaw!  I use an apparatus that I made that goes in my mouth that has loops to attach a swing to.  The kids sit in the swing as I stand on two chairs and swing them in my Jaw.  It's great fun and the kids love it.  I am not the strongest man in the world, I'm not genetically gifted, and I'm probably the definition of what average is.  But, I have a passion, I love to dream and I control my own attitude and actions.  Those things help me stand out and rise above the ordinary.  Those things are also things that you control, gifted or not.  Excuses beware, I want no part of them.  If I'm not accomplishing something, you know what I do?  I ask myself why I'm not and then do the things that I can do to get there.  I don't even once, say to myself why I can't or start listing my limitations.  I look at what I want to do and focus on only things that will get me there.  Sounds simple right?  I think so and believe that we could all use an attitude tweak.  It starts with looking at ourselves and being honest with what we see.  You have everything you need to do whatever you want.  Know that and go after it!
For my strength performance, most of my feats rely on hand, grip, and wrist strength.  These areas are one of the easiest areas to train and get stronger.  Very few people focus on special grip training, and that is why those that do, can and do make some real progress rather quickly.  No matter your sport or endeavor, if you give grip a little attention, it will help you in your chosen activity.  Strong wrists, hands & grip translate into a stronger performance in whatever you do.  Check out this vid of the thick handle Grip clubs and a simple routine for wrist and grip strength.

Another powerful tool for wrists and pinch grip strength is the StrongerGrip Leverage Blocks. A simple and easy to use tool that fits into your workouts anywhere and anytime.  Portable enough to take to work or have with you wherever your at.
Get ready to have an awesome week! 
Gods Peace & Strength

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