Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Having Fun with your training- Super Human Strength

Hey strength seekers.
I love having fun with my training.  I'm not one to go to a gym to train.  Nothing against it, I just live where there's not a convenient place to train.  But as you know, I've plenty of equipment and stuff to train with!  Another part of my training is the schedule or lack of a schedule that I use.  I don't set a block of time and train, more accurately I have blocks of time throughout the day to do what I'm focusing on and what tests well.  Not everyone can train this way, but it works for me and keeps it fun.  That and I can literally train wherever I'm at in my house or garage or basement.  I have equipment everywhere I turn!  The blocks of time vary anywhere from 5 min to 45 min to anywhere inbetween.  I feel this helps me acquire the strength that those old school hard labor workers got from working tough jobs all day long.  Heck, even today, the guys who work concrete, construction, drywall and other labor intensive jobs have strength that the average simply doesn't.  The  body adapts to what it is given.  So, however you train, have fun, keep it fresh and stay strong.
Tonight the second Super Human Strength teleseries is happening.  Last week was Andrew Durniat, a great call and super info on strength.  Andrew is top notch.  Tonight is worlds strongest redneck. Steve McGranahan.  It will be entertaining and filled with valuable information on strength as well.
And I'll leave you with a neat set of custom clubs.  They are barrell type.  5" Cylinder-loadable and also separately loadable handle, with screw on ball where you fill the handle.
Gods Peace & Strength

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