Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mace & Club training

Hey strength seekers.
The mace basic short video I promised should be ready tomorrow.  I don't know if it's my PC, or what, but I almost had it uploaded and it crashed...again.  What a pain!  Anyway, I'll discuss some club and mace basics.
When you first pick them up, explore them, feel them.  If you are familiar with kettlebells, you are ahead in terms of how to and body mechanics.  If you are not familiar with kettlebells, know that these dynamic swinging implements are not dumbbells and barbells.  Yes, you can do those typical basic weight exercises, like curls or rows and such.  I love the bodybuilding magazines showing a super, extra-terrestrial ground up nut powder supplement that will answer all your training goals that has a dude doing a bent over row with a kettlebell!!  Come-on, kettlebells, maces, & clubs are different tools.  To get the incredible benefits of what they offer, you must learn how to swing them. 
A big lesson is to swing these tools with by concentrating on your middle, your core, and getting the power from the ground up.  Picture your feet as electrical cord plugs and plug them into the ground, that is where the power begins, then transfer the feeling up to your torso and your arms become steel cords that are loose, but, powerful.  THE biggest point to be mindful of is that your arms are not doing the lifting or moving of the weight.  They are powerful steel braided wires that are connected to the weight by your hands.  You will learn to swing with the legs and torso.  Your arms will be worked, in a loose, tight manner.  Meaning as your swinging the implements, you'll have times of relax and tension.  Depending on where the weight is traveling at any given time.  This is one of the greatest benefits of using these.  You train your body to learn movements, you body learns how to use the relax/tension to move the weight.  It in turn makes you stronger in a dynamic way.  You will gain strength that equates to overall better performance on your field of choice!

Gods Peace & Strength

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