Friday, February 27, 2009

Westside Barbells' Louie Simmons using StrongerGrip clubs

Hey strength seekers. Another week gone by. Next week will be another month! WOW!!
Hope you are taking action. Check out this Diesel crew link that shows Louie Simmons using his set of 5" StrongerGrip Loadable clubs. And of course Louie knows what he's doing, so you should get yourself a set also.
I'll post again tomorrow.
Gods Peace & Strength

Sunday, February 22, 2009

10" Kettlebeast loaded-Short Clubs

Hey fellow strength seekers. What a fantastic week! Was yours as good? I hope so. A local magazine Family Focus did a photo shoot of my family and I at a local YMCA. It was fun. You should see my 8 year old Logan busting out his guns. Awesome! We did some cover shots and also some promo shots for StrongerGrip. Then I had a little fun bending a horseshoe, 60d spike and ripping a phonebook. People love it! I'll be writing fitness articles and helping people wade through the confusion of getting healthy. The week was also my first twitter interview. That was also very cool. Thanks to Scott Bird of STTB.
I loaded the 10" Kettlebeast up and it tipped the scales at 119 lbs! Excellent! Check out the picture, it also shows a couple of small, short loadable indian clubs. As you know indian clubs are light weight and used for a different purpose than the bigger, heavier ones. These shorter ones are great for the lighter weight exercises. They are 3-4 lbs empty and can go to 6-9 lbs loaded.
Oh, Harlan, I hope to have the olympic leverage blocks ready in two weeks.
Everyone have a great week!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

StrongerGrip all over the World & NEW stuff!

Hey Strength enthusiasts. This is going to be a ramble. Here we go. South Africa, Canada, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Spain, and the list continues. StrongerGrip is everywhere. Word is traveling far and wide of the outstanding quality that each StrongerGrip tool is made. Quality that IS unparalleled. When you get your first StrongerGrip piece the first thing that most notice is the high quality. Now those not familiar with manufacturing, I have over 20 years in that field in which I've been apart of all aspects. At StrongerGrip our equipment is made using the art of TIG welding. You can tell by the amazing smoothness of the welds. TIG welding is in fact an art, as you will notice that most things are welded using the process if MIG, which is much easier and not as pretty. Another almost unheard of practice is each StrongerGrip tool is inspected and made sure to hold up to the high standards that are getting such great customers coming back. OK enough of that.
There are some design changes coming that will affect some of the pricing. I myself got a bunch of emails telling me of price increases due to manufacturers and the prices of steel going up. That was true prices of steel did go up. Although StrongerGrip prices have remained the same for two years!! Did you get any emails telling you prices were going down becasue of the price of steel going down?? Why not! That is what happened. Right now the prices are down. So I will only raise prices when I improve a product for the better of the customer. Which is coming by mid year. I have some design changes and product finishes that will only make a great product even greater. I will keep you posted and make sure there is plenty of notice.
Look for more contests, more NEW stuff and continued improvement.
Next contest will be a T-bomb swing contest. The T-bomb was made and a handful have gotten one. When I announce the details, I will re offer the T-bomb again at a excellent price. You will see a line of finger strengthening tools that are super cool. There will also be a StrongerGrip product manual coming that will give you exact programs and exercises to improve your grip. Also coming are Mace & Club instructional that people have been crying for.
One last thing. You should know by now, that my philosophy on training is not driven by what some one with all kinds of initials after their name have to say or what so and so's new whoopdedoo high tech something or other came up with. All things strength and fitness have been done before we were ever around. It's not that complicated. I myself love the Rocky, old school, what worked years ago still works today and that is hard, sweaty, tenacious training with a purpose. Get Brooks Kubicks' Dinosaur Training if you want some secrets. Get Pavel Tsatsoulines' stuff if you want to have your eyes opened. Just go get dirty and you'll find what works. Stay tuned!
Gods Peace & Strength

Monday, February 9, 2009

StrongerGrip clubs are big hit at MMA magazine

Hey strength seekers. Sorry for the lapse between posts. StrongerGripTM tools are catching on and moving like wildfire. The excitement grows in the strength and MMA world as more and more athletes and strength crazed trainers are experiencing the high quality and functionality of StrongerGripTM tools. I will continue to improve on and put out New exciting tools for everyone. You all are going to freak with the New things coming! I can't tell. Also a improvement on a standard tool that is going to make them even better! You'll see. Oh, and the incredible MMA magazine FIGHT will be showing in their fight gear review the StrongerGripTM loadable clubs. It will be in the next issue, check it out. This is a blessing and will be sure to get things into high gear.
You see a bunch of open all the time fitness joints popping up. They see the need to accomodate the busy lifestyles that seem to keep getting busier. Another solution that is even better, is a set of loadable clubs, and or a mace. Talk about anytime, anywhere. You can't take the gym with you but your clubs and maces will go right along. Summers' coming and I'm ready to train in the green grass instead of the white snow.
Stay tuned and keep your eye on the prize.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ladies Mace and New Revolving Globe/Gripball Dumbbell

Hey Strength seekers. 09 is moving fast. StrongerGripTM is picking up momentum and looks like there is no stopping! Thanks to all the supporters. Someone told me, once people see the StrongerGripTM stuff you are going to be so busy. Well it's happening and I'm getting prepared for an explosion. I beleive if you have a dream and go after it with all ya got. You will achieve it. Know what you want and do what's neccessary to get it. You won't get it all at once, it'll be a build up of a bunch of small things and finally you step back and say WOW!
For some new stuff!

Ladies Mace- check it out. 36" Overall, 1.33" Handle diameter, 5" Globe. Empty-6 lbs. Full-15lbs.

A New exciting product development is the Revolving Globe/Gripball Dumbbell. This has 4 different sizes and is interchangable. It comes in 3",3.5",4", and a giant 4.5". It can be used as a Revolving Globe or locked down on a dumbbell handle and turned into a Gripball Dumbbell.

Shown is the Revolving Globe. Hook it to a loading pin and see what you got. It's hard enough when the globe is not revolving! You can also lock it down to stop from revolving. Now picture this with a dumbbell handle and you have a versatile grip tool. You can also attach to cable systems, bands and pulling sleds.

Last one for now. Were getting requests for olympic plate ready StrongerGripTM stuff. On top of the want lists of many is a olympic ready leverage block. In the works are olympic sleeves and pitt-bull collars that can be used on Leverage blocks, balls, & Gripball dumbbells.
Here is a sleeve that slides over and
locks down on the 1" shaft.
To the right is the Olympic Pitt-bull

Keep training hard and chasing your dreams even harder.
Gods Peace & Strength