Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sledge and Mace Conditioning

Hey strength seekers.  The last week of October is here.  On Halloween the Monster sale ends.  Your chance to save $73.00 on two great tools.   Mace and sledge swinging are both fantastic ways to get conditioned fast.  The mace is a powerful tool that teaches core activationa and body coordination.  Watch someone who has never swung one before and then someone who knows thier mace, you'll see what I mean.  I must say that kettlebellers take to mace training quickly.  They know the basics of swinging a weight.  It's much different than normal weight training.  Your body works as a unit and you use your arms to connect to the implement and swing from your core as opposed to muscling it with your arms.  Get the Monster on sale now or get a standard or short mace and start swinging.   I love sledge swinging or smashing.  Sledgehammer training conditions your body and teaches you impact readiness.  It's more than just hitting a tire, you must be aware of what your body is doing, or what your body should be doing when you are swinging the sledge.  Great for combat athletes.  As in striking or kicking,  sledgehammer smashing teaches and increases your force delivered upon impact.   Grab a SG loadable Sledge and get the benefits of Sledge training and also with one Sledge you get an infinite number of weight options in one indestructible tool.  My friend Rocannon from Primal fitness uses his Monster to hit a dirt pile.  He says it's fantastic, especially with the large Monster Sledge face.

Enjoy the day!
Gods Peace & Strength

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