Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ladies Mace and New Revolving Globe/Gripball Dumbbell

Hey Strength seekers. 09 is moving fast. StrongerGripTM is picking up momentum and looks like there is no stopping! Thanks to all the supporters. Someone told me, once people see the StrongerGripTM stuff you are going to be so busy. Well it's happening and I'm getting prepared for an explosion. I beleive if you have a dream and go after it with all ya got. You will achieve it. Know what you want and do what's neccessary to get it. You won't get it all at once, it'll be a build up of a bunch of small things and finally you step back and say WOW!
For some new stuff!

Ladies Mace- check it out. 36" Overall, 1.33" Handle diameter, 5" Globe. Empty-6 lbs. Full-15lbs.

A New exciting product development is the Revolving Globe/Gripball Dumbbell. This has 4 different sizes and is interchangable. It comes in 3",3.5",4", and a giant 4.5". It can be used as a Revolving Globe or locked down on a dumbbell handle and turned into a Gripball Dumbbell.

Shown is the Revolving Globe. Hook it to a loading pin and see what you got. It's hard enough when the globe is not revolving! You can also lock it down to stop from revolving. Now picture this with a dumbbell handle and you have a versatile grip tool. You can also attach to cable systems, bands and pulling sleds.

Last one for now. Were getting requests for olympic plate ready StrongerGripTM stuff. On top of the want lists of many is a olympic ready leverage block. In the works are olympic sleeves and pitt-bull collars that can be used on Leverage blocks, balls, & Gripball dumbbells.
Here is a sleeve that slides over and
locks down on the 1" shaft.
To the right is the Olympic Pitt-bull

Keep training hard and chasing your dreams even harder.
Gods Peace & Strength


lifter said...

Ryan,the new products are looking sweet bro!I want 2 of the 3inch globe/gripball dumbbells.I love doing clean and press with the t-bomb followed with 1 arm rows with the 3.5 inch gripball dbell.The rotating option should help fry the grip some more.Looks like u are using square tubing for the oly adapters.Maybe you can make me a hip lift bar like that.Call me this weekend when you get a chance.

Deanmc said...

Hey Ryan, the wife's "MomSter" Mace arrived yesterday, pretty cool piece. I have the feeling it will be spending lots of time in my hands as well doing club drills. Don't know if I'll be able to pull off giving it to her for Valentines day though, you got anything in pink?

Harlan said...

Hey Ryan, I am interested in a 1 1/2" pinch block for Olympic plates. I seen they are in the works. Ready yet ?