Thursday, January 1, 2009

A StrongerGrip New Year Day!

Happy New Years Strength Seekers. If you do not plan on a successful year you won't have one.
Get planning. I am planning on a fantastic Year and am enjoying the pursuit of a Dream. When I get it, I'll dream a new one. I have lots, and I know you do to. I'm sharing a video of some weighted sit-ups and some Monster Mace swinging. No, that is not a nice heated gym. Although I thought of starting the burn barrels behind me, that would have looked cool. I'll post again this evening with Monster Mace guidelines and also a 6" Mace Contest too. I don't want to leave those out who have one of those buggers. It's just as brutal. That will be a higher rep contest.
Train Hard.

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Deanmc said...

You made that look way too easy... I've got mine loaded to 20. Just went outside and did 40 swings. The last ten were a struggle!