Monday, January 5, 2009

Screaming Grip and fantastic arm conditioning

Hey my strength seeking friends. I'm loving the response for the Mace Race. Come and get it. Yes I am giving away 10 Strongergrip tools for the first ten to send in their results. SO email me at and get on the list because when you do you will at the very least get a FREE StrongerGrip T-shirt. They will be out soon. So get a mace, sign up and get a T-shirt for going the distance. Doing your best is all that can be asked. Swinging maces and clubs are not only fantastic for hardcore trainers but also for women. Why? First off, people are tired of going to local gyms and not having results to show. With club and mace training you get a totally terrific overall conditioing and strengthening workout in a package that you can take anywhere. I love training in the fresh air. 20 degrees or 90 degrees, I want to be outside. I like to parks with my family and I can also take my clubs and maces and get a super workout. Now for women. How many want stronger more toned arms? You will be seeing results after a few times training with clubs and maces. You get all around fitness in a very portable setup. And on a side note, they can also be used for home protection. Someone breaks in, watch out, its going to hurt. WHAAAAP! The intruder just got clubbed. And your family is safe. Plus your in the best shape of your life.
Till next time.


Josh Henkin said...

Right on!! We have used your maces and our women love and hate you!! They have never felt their shoulders and arms worked like they do when they swing the maces. In fact, one of my clients said she never felt her triceps worked like they were when we did high rep mace swings, I'll have to send you the video, this is a very fit woman too! Keep up the good work!

Josh Henkin, CSCS said...

Yes. My wife is wanting to start with the Mace swinging. I think it's a great quick, effective, workout for the busy person. Not sure if teaching my wife to swing something that could do damage was such a smart idea.