Monday, October 6, 2014

The BandAnchor 10 pack

Hey strength seekers

There are so many ways to train and get stronger, using all of them an different times keeps things fresh and your body from getting stale. Training with resistance bands is quite different than other types of training and one might compare it to isometrics or tension with movement.  This depends on strength of band used but here is what I mean.  Many of you have heard of bracing or grounding, the mindful act of tensing your muscles from the feet on up to the targeted muscles being used.  With band training, at least with a band of any type of resistance, you must brace and ground so you can use train the movement. Example would be a basic curl.  Of course I know how to curl, I use my big ole bicep and curl it up. With bands the feel and pull is elastic, constant and at no point is there a dead or lack of resistance while the band is under tension. So, you must tense, brace or ground yourself, feet, legs, stomach, back, shoulders, chest then bicep curl.  Why my chest? Because you want all the help you can to be stable and strong.  What this also does is translate into making your body stronger together and not just individual parts.  What I have found especially for Armwrestling is that using this type of resistance is exactly what your body needs to do on the table to keep your arm safe and to be a stronger puller. 
Since putting the StrongerGrip BandAnchor online, they have moved amazingly well, what I have been getting is requests for bulk purchase of the BandAnchor. Bootcamps and group training places, so I have put a 10 Pack online which will save you 20%. ----->Here is the link for that<.----
The BandGrips Handle has also roared out of the starting gate and has outperformed any offering I have had thus far in the time it's been available. The BandGrips Handle was initially just for Bands to attach to, then I said, this would be great to attach to pulleys and stuff too, so I made a carabiner attachment point. All the orders so far will have this attachment point added for FREE, but only until the end of October then I will either have two options, one with and one without, because the added work and time involved. If you want to get a BandGrips Handle, get it now-->BandGrips Handle with carabiner attachment

Keep moving!

Ryan J Pitts

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Up your resistance band training

Hey strength seekers

Resistance bands are not new, but the two New products I came up with have renewed the possibilities and convenience of using them.  The StrongerGrip BandGrips Handle and BandAnchor have made my band training extremely fun and productive. Since offering them for pre order the response has been tremendous.  Especially when the offer of a FREE BandAnchor with purchase of  each BandGrips handle is up for least until tomorrow.  Then they will be sold separately.

For armwrestling I have been using one arm at a time with some specific AW movements.  I will be experimenting with two at a time in the near future as well as sharing some of my ways to hook them up.  Get to the SG store and order now so you can get the FREE BandAnchor with your BandGrips Handle. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dynamic Duo for band training

Hey Strength seekers

The time is running out to get your dynamic duo of resistance band training at the special offer.
Pre order your BandGrips Handle(which has a new bonus carabiner attachment point added) and get the BandAnchor for free.  
Using both of these together turns anything, anywhere into a band training hot spot.
In the picture I am using a carabiner and small length of chain to use my beastly power rack for some band work. Use bands? Or looking to start? Get the Dynamic Duo of band accessories.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Resistance Band Awesomeness

Hey Strength seekers

Armwrestling has sunk its teeth deep into this guy and as with anything new I delve into, my instincts are how can I get better.  I've been lucky to have some AW veterans help out and share their knowledge and love of the sport with me.  Enter resistance bands.  I've had some of my own for many years and honestly not given them a whole lotta use.  Till buddies brought their old used and tested bands that had a fandangled pvc pipe split in two and duct taped onto the band.  The feel and resistance that these give you is fantastic for Armwrestling and I immediately saw the light and also had a light of my own come on inside my never resting brain of a think tank:)  Next step....the StrongerGrip BandGrips handle and StrongerGrip BandAnchor.
Two solutions that were necessary for my own personal training(since I'm kind of obsessed with physical culture stuff) and want to be able to train anytime anywhere.  Resistance bands are not cheap, prolonging the life of them makes sense.  Being able to use them easily and to bump up the versatility and usefulness, even better.  FatGripz and other thick handled sleeves.  You've seen them before, I've wrote some comparison blogs.  I like em all.  My BandGrips handle, allows FatGripz and other thick grip sleeves to slip over and be used with the bands.  Can you hear the music..the ah ha moment of where the f@$k has this been all my life??  For me, it made sense.
I've got another buddy that Armwrestles, big dude, young guy,  285 lbs, arms the size of sides of beef, hands and wrist like king kong.  I need all the extra help I can get.  Using bands and being able to put them anywhere and use the handle with thick grips is gonna help me topple this young giant. 
The BandGrips Handle and BandAnchor literally just came about last Sunday.  I went to bed and dreamed of getting stronger..the band handle idea popped into my head, I woke up Monday and made one up in the strength studio. Tuesday I put it online for Pre-order and was surprised by the feedback.  This seems to make sense to quite a few others as well.  If you haven't yet, get on over and get yours pre-ordered.  Right now I am sending a FREE BandAnchor with each BandGrips handle.  This goes off Pre-Order October 1st.  Then they will be sold separately.  Click-here to Pre-Order NOW.
Pre-Order and get BOTH, BandGrips handle and BandAnchor($29.99 value)
PLUS- Just tonight I came up with another addition to the BandGrips giving it the function of single handle to attach to pulldown/pulley machines, loading pins and anything else.  Picture will be posted on the site in the BandGrips page.

Friday, October 11, 2013

FAT handled Sledgehammers

Hey Strength seekers

The StrongerGrip sledgehammers have been the most popular products that I make. With all the options and different choices from the shorter Thor hammers to the longer EPIC sledgehammers, there is a reason I'm becoming known as the sledgehammer king.  I did a quick video showing you the oval shape that all the sledges have, except for the regular Thor hammer, it has a round shape with no oval. You know you have great stuff when you use "regular Thor hammer", meaning there's something better! The Ultimate Thor hammer has the same size as regular Thor, but the handle is oval shaped like in the video, and all the NEW Fat handled sledge options have the exact same handle as the Ultimate Thor, just longer. All the SG sledgehammers are 36-1/2" overall length. With the NEW Fat Handled sledges, I could not resist using the fat handle inside diameter space and making it loadable as well. Why not? That gives you an extra 11 lbs capacity loading with steel shot. Use it or not, it's there.
Here's the video.

Have a fantastic weekend
Gods Peace and Strength

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Flipping club exercise

Hey strength seekers

The old school favorite of kettlebell juggling is a fun and great way to add some spice to your training. Once you have gotten your feet wet with kettlebell juggling, go ahead and experiment with flipping other implements around. I posted a Thor hammer flipping vid a while back, and today I picked up an old 5" loadable Thick Grip Club that I use and decided to see what flipping it around would feel like.
Here's the video.

I had this particular one loaded up to 15 lbs. With the way these are constructed the majority of weight is in the globe. It was interesting and fun. I found that switching hand to hand on each flip was more enjoyable and seemed to flow nicely.

Gods Peace and Strength

Saturday, October 5, 2013

BIG Indian Club swinging with the B-52

Hey strength seekers

Club swinging has been a staple in my routine for years.  As you know I'm keen on loadable options with my gear. It just makes sense to have such a wide range of weight capacities in one unit. That's where the StrongerGrip B-52 big club comes in.  This is a short limited run I'm doing because the main bodies of the club are something I acquired in a limited quantity, so once they are gone that will be it unless I get a line on some more.
Here is a video giving you some insight into the B-52.

Friday, October 4, 2013

How StrongerGrip gear is made

Hey strength seekers

I get asked all the time how on earth do you get StrongerGrip gear to look so beautiful.  Really, I do:)
One reason is the process in which I weld with.  It's called TIG welding. Tungsten Inert Gas welding. What that means is there is a tungsten electrode(small wire rod) that goes into the TIG torch(basically like a pencil looking thing) which is your heat source.  In one hand you hold the torch and the other hand you have the metal that is to be used for joining the pieces to be welded.  It's a very clean process and this method gives you great control over the final aesthetics. It's definitely a art/skill that gets better over time.  I love welding this way It's a method that you will not find manufacturers using because it's hard to find good tig welders and this method takes more time as well.  It's one of the little things that keep StrongerGrip a step above and making the gear look sexy.
Here is a video I did last night, I took the sound out because all you could here was the pouring rain, even over the White Stripes I had cranked in the background. Towards the end you'll see mother nature bringing some lightning.  It was a battle of lights with me welding and the lightning outside.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Conquering Open hand strength

Hey Strength seekers

My friend Jedd "Napalm" Johnson is coming out with a NEW Ebook called Lift The Blob.
Check out this video
You may have a desire to lift the blob, but even if you don't, building open hand strength is an important part of grip training and carries over into other aspects of lifting.
In the link you'll be asked to sign up and Jedd will send you the story of the blob video. I'm excited about Jedds product because I have visions of myself lifting the blob on day.

Click here for Story of the blob video.

Gods Peace and Strength

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Leverage builds amazing wrist strength

Hey strength seekers

In my continual quest for improving my creations, some in which take years to come to fruition, my mind is always looking for ways to make things better.  Functionality, versatility and aesthetics are what I aim for.  A simple, effective product I came out with years ago, I believe in 2008, was the leverage block.  It was my solution to build strong wrists needed to perform many feats of strength. Leverage has a way of building tendon and ligament strength needed for real strength.  It's strength that can not be seen on the surface yet leaves people amazed at what you can do with it.
Then last year an idea hit me for the Leverage Block Reborn.  A refined, more useful way for you to get the benefits of the leverage block.  It uses a different loading style, now its more like doing a plate curl and the leverage system now has a sliding weight horn that can be adjusted by pulling a pin and resetting in preset positions.  Awesome! Since then, the Modular Strength System came into being and the Reborn leverage block was put aside.
Today, July 3rd, 2013, the Leverage tool plug in is ready and adds a whole new level of awesomeness to what was already cool.  Below is the vid from 2012.

If you have the Modular System, the leverage tool plugs into your handles. The Two Hand Pinch, Thickburger, PBSH, V-bar, Grip Chunk, and others can now be used for leverage work and rotational strengthening for out of this world wrist and grip building. Go here to see it in the store. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Let the fireworks begin

Hey strength seekers

I love getting more bang for the buck in life.  And when it comes to training or daily movements the swing is one of those that really pack a whallop.  One of the easiest and most convenient StrongerGrip pieces that will put fireworks into your strength and health quest is the Basic Swing Unit.  A beautifully crafted handle that allows both hands to fit nicely and plugs into a loading pin that can take weights from light to HEAVY, 405 lbs I had mine loaded to! Not for swings, but for some partial deads.
I've been at my leanest fighting weight of 175 lbs going on two years and will give credit to the swing and clean eating. And by fighting weight, I mean the weight I would be getting my butt kicked at:) For my food choices check out MarksDailyapple.  To get your mitts on the StrongerGrip Basic Swing Unit then race over and get it HERE.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Quality like you've never seen

Hey strength seekers

Quality in todays standards has dropped, make no mistake about it.  No matter how hyped up or fantastic a products marketing makes it sound, when you get it into your hands you know it's not a fraction of what the claims were.  I suppose we have been conditioned to accept lesser in terms of quality. 
StrongerGrip has no equal when it comes to quality.  As bold of a statement as that is, I believe it is a simple fact.  Even on the simplest of products like the GripBalls, here is what one customer had to say about his purchase.

 Best made set of these I have ever seen.

Posted by Unknown on 26th Apr 2013
Let's be frank, there are a lot of knockoff versions of this product. As somebody who has used many of them, I'll be totally clear. The quality of the grip balls made by StrongerGrip is far superior to that of any other company. Due to the superior design of this set, they'll fit on most pull up bars, which saves you carrying carabiners all over the place. Top that off with that fact these are nearly perfectly round (unlike many of the knockoff versions) and you've got a piece of equipment you can carry to any location. Buy them here and nowhere else. You buy a set from Stronger Grip and I guarantee you, you'll never need to buy another set because these things will be usable by your great grandkids. They are seriously built that well!                                                                                                                                              
This is what I strive for.  Since 2006 StrongerGrip has been providing high quality gear.  For the last 7 years StrongerGrip has been growing and getting better. The crazy thing is the only marketing or active sales has been simply me doing what I love.  No fluff, no promises, no compromises.  Just awesome products made like no one else.  Thank you to all the SG fans and supporters.  The only promise that I will make is that I will continue to pump out innovative, appealing and functional strength gear with a quality that is instantly recognized. 

Something as simple as the GripBalls can be cheapened as noted by this customers review.  Companies that copy and put no heart into their products give you a lesser product.  
You can count on StrongerGrip to uphold and continue the quality that America used to be known for.  
Gods Peace and Strength   


Friday, April 19, 2013

Strong midsection plus grip

Hey strength seekers

I love getting more bang for my buck.  I've changed my training from a bodybuilding approach-training individual bodyparts to an overall old school training that I do today where I choose movements that incorporate my body as a unit to accomplish them.  This has allowed me to get stronger, spend less time training and more time on other activities that are important to me and created a more vigorous, injury free me.  And I like that. 
If you have not seen the StrongerGrip Modular Grip System or what it should be really called now is the Modular Strength System because of the complete body training that can be had from all the plug ins.  After integrating the Swing handle and the bottoms up press loading pin, the next missing piece was the Core attachment.  Again, possibly deceiving because core is an overused term and there is more to this attachment than that, but I digress.  This NEW attachment allows you to take your barbell that you may or may not be doing rotational work with by propping one end on the ground or in a corner while using the other end to leverage the power rotational movements.  The Core attachment slides over the end of a barbell, lock down and then lets you plug every single MGS plug in onto it and do some very unique and fun stuff.  My favorite is the ThickBurger for open hand presses or over hand rows.  Can you picture using each of the plug ins for something you have not done before??  Well, get that imagination kicking. 
 How about two hand pinch presses?  I'm super excited to share this with you.  It has been a long time coming.  If you have the MGS, this is a MUST HAVE.  If you don't, you can now get most of the Modular stuff piece by piece.  Check it out!!

The New Core attachment brings an unlimited range of exercises to the Modular System.  Definitely giving you more BANG for your $$.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Ultimate Thors Hammer

Hey strength seekers

Once in a while you'll have a strength tool that has a look, a name and the potential to bring great strength to all that lay their hands on it.  This tool is the Thors Hammer from StrongerGrip.  It has been bringing many a strength seekers hand, wrist, arm and overall strength for some years now.  When the Thors hammer was released it quickly became a fan favorite and those in Asgard were smiling down.  Recently, back at the strength lab, something NEW was created.  You've probably noticed some crazy weather and storms around the world, I do believe it's from the latest offering, 
Bigger may not be better, but it sure the heck is cool!  The gods were smiling when the original Thors hammer was created, The Ultimate Thors Hammers has them in an uproar. Knowing that anyone who gets their hands on this may in fact bring the power to overthrow them. The Ulitmate Thors Hammer weighs in at 17 lbs empty with loading
capacity of approx 45 lbs with steel shot.  The handle has an oval shaped with dimentions of 2-1/8" at the widest and 1-11/16" at its narrowest.  The shape is very comfortable in the grip, but do not be fooled, the word comfort is used lightly as once you get swinging this masterpiece the word comfort is not what you'll be thinking.  The loadable head is same size as the Monster sledge.  18" overall length.  New loading design.  Bring the strength. Bring the power. Bring The Ultimate Thors Hammer!

Gods Peace and Strength

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Strength toys and improved products

Hey strength seekers

Check out the pics of some new custom toys.
 The B-52's limited run of clubs.  Standard black. Custom maroon and other colors available upon request.

Stainless Steel Epic Sledge. Beauty and strength

Custom Grip Machine (This is more than meets the eye)

There has also been an Ultimate Thors hammer created and
some mace and club variations which have a large oval shape design
similar to a wrist shape.  Very unique and comfortable in the grip and seems like it'd be fantastic for grapplers and fighters.

There have been many new improvements to the standard StrongerGrip line of gear, which I just do and fail to let you know. Who does that?  Makes things better then doesn't go to great lengths to tell you how awesome and better they are.  Lets start with the maces, clubs and sledgehammers.  The New loading design has been a long time coming.  All the loading that used to have a smaller threaded set screw/bolt now has a flat disc which covers a large 1-1/2" load/unload hole.  Very friendly and can load practically anything.  The usual sand,shot but now you can load with coins, washers,nuts, or any other material that you can fit through the large 1-1/2" diameter hole.  This design also allows the clubs and maces to have a surface that lets them stand up.  In my opinion the old style always left a little to be desired and now this makes perfect sense.

Check out the Adj. Monster Mace pics to see the New design.

The Modular Grip System is growing and I'm getting all the individual plug ins ready to be ordered a la carte, so you can pick and choose which ones you want. The 4"x4" Grip Chunk just listed the other day and I finally will be listing the MGS tool that will allow all the plug ins to be used in rotational type style via a barbell end. 
It has been crazy as usual creating and keeping up with orders.  My goal is to start a new blog called Old School Body that will share my training methods and tools used.  Giving you ideas on how to implement some of the SG toys.
Enjoy the weekend!
Gods Peace and Strength

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bottoms up Press and Swing combo

Hey strength seekers

As I contemplate the many uses of the Modular Grip System, the many plug ins on the drawing board and also the audience for it.  Some are nuts for grip, some just want basic tools that offer benefits of convenience and versatility.  The cool thing is whatever YOU want, there will be something in this system for you.  The latest offering is a loading pin swing handle, Basic Swing Unit and the Bottoms Up Press trainer.  You can get them both separate, giving you two handles and two separate loading pins or you can get the BSU/BUP combo where you can get (1) PBSH handle with new thicker grip(1.34") and (1) loading pin for swings/deads and (1) loading pin for bottoms up presses.
This was just released in the store yesterday and am glad to have so many of you pick it up.  I believe this will be a giant hit with all strength enthusiasts.  One response that stood out was how awesome it will be to take to the gym and load olympic plates and get to swinging and pressing.  Perfect!  It's compact enough and just right for that.  Or if you are like me and train at home, it's perfect to have the loading pins loaded and very easy to plug in the handle for whichever movement I'm training.

Check out the info right here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hey strength seekers

The weighted swing exercise is something that I do quite often if not on a daily basis. Something NEW that I think you'll find simple, convenient and economical and in the same heavy duty offering that you have come to expect from StrongerGrip. First the Modular Plateau Buster and Industrial Strength Plateau Buster now have a larger diameter handle. It measures just under 1-3/8". Very similar to kettlebell sizes. What's new is for the most part a combination of things already available. The StrongerGrip Basic Swing Unit takes the Modular Handle and a loading pin, in a package that will let you swing away and take to the gym very easily. Check it out here---->

Ryan J Pitts

Another Swing option

Hey strength seekers

Weighted swings are one my staples and one of those exercises that bring health and strength to your whole body.  I love options, I love variety and when it comes to bringing options and variety to training gear, I feel I'm at the top of my game. 
Enter the NEW Plateau Buster Basic Swing Unit.  The Plateau Buster, Modular and Standard Industrial Strength models both have a New size diameter handle.  The original one was 1".  All the new ones are now 1.34", just under 1-3/8".  More of a kettlebell handle size.  What is available now is a Modular Plateau Buster Handle and loading pin.  Just those two as a unit is fantastic for all your swing needs.  Also great for training power stairs strongman style, or duck walks.   Check it out.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Modular Grip System finger lift

Hey strength seekers

The Modular Grip System add-ons are starting to come together.  The Ultimate V-bar just released.  A 1" solid steel v-bar with sleeve and end cap to use your FatGripz handles on.  Next is a Finger Lift loop, or just for turning your StrongerGrip MGS pins into regular loading pins that you can hook other stuff to like a standard loading pin. 

For those that have a Plateau Buster Industrial olympic version(not modular) there is a T-Rex expander pack available now!! This is for those who want to lift some serious poundage in the short range movement that the PBSH offers.
Click here to see what the T-Rex Expander pack is.

There will be another Modular Grip System plug in that I'm really excited about coming this Friday.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Ultimate V-bar for the MGS

Hey strength seekers

The Modular Grip System and it's endless possibilities has a new addition.  The MGS Ultimate V-Bar. Vertical bar lifting is challenging and offers a great way to train your grip.  V-bar swinging is another fun thing to try if you have not already.  The Ultimate V-bar has a 1" solid steel bar as a base unit. It plugs right into the MGS loading pins.  What makes it the Ultimate is this, it comes with a sleeve that allows your FatGripz, Tyler Grips, Manus Grips to fit on and be used as a V-bar.  The Iron Bull grips, one of my favorites goes right over the existing 1" bar.  That's awesome, yes. What's Ultimate is not only that, but the different V-bar sleeves that will be coming, 2". 1-1/2", 1-5/8",3"...etc.  Any size you want, there will be a sleeve that will be available.

This will be available in the StrongerGrip store tomorrow. Be sure to add it to your Modular Grip System.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Epic Sledge is ready, are you

Hey strength seekers

I am coming up on 3 years since I jumped into the waters of entrepreneurship full time.  Once I leaped my perspective was greater than ever. Opportunities that I didn't see, appeared.  Ideas continued to fill my mind, more than ever.  If you have been a loyal supporter over the years, you have noticed that every piece you buy, gets better.  This isn't the case with regular products.  Why? Because, I have no shelves filled with products, I make products on demand, and yes, I make them.  The more I make the better I get.  Products themselves evolve, I test ideas, they work, or they can be better.  That is what I strive for, to make each product better than before.  Not each new one, every product. Products that I've had since 2006, they are all better since they were first created.  Quality gets better the more I hone my art.  Every single product is unique in the fact that it's made on demand and I know at some point, this will not be the case, I will take my bow so to speak and find a reputable manufacturer to supply me with high quality gear.  I will always be making stuff, it's in my blood, I conceive, create and bring to life strength and body toughening gear.  Enjoy the stuff I put out and know that there is something very right about America and this crazy guy in Iowa creating this insane gear and making it happen.  I take no short cuts, I don't skimp on materials and I don't care what this and that company is putting out(even if some look like StrongerGrip toys). There is only one StrongerGrip. 
Ushering in 2013, hot on the tail of the popular B-52 Limited club, comes the Epic Sledge.  Sledgehammers of all kind bow down to this one.  It's massive, it's unbeatable, it's glorious, it's the sledge of all's EPIC!!
And you can  now find it in the SG store

Gods Peace and Strength

Monday, January 21, 2013

The B-52 limited Club

Hey strength seekers

Thank you for making 2012 the best year ever for StrongerGrip.  I continue to stick to my unique designs and handcrafted functional strength art and each year things keep growing.   My strengths are not marketing, or web design or professional videos.  My strengths are designing and bringing to life strength equipment that is functional, unique, fun to use and will last a lifetime.  Kinda like things were made many years ago.  I'm having so much fun and blessed to be able to live out my vision and dream.  I'm very down to earth and simple.  Not a big fan of fluff and outrageous claims.  I use my gear and continue to improve in strength and health. 
A favorite old school tool of mine is the club.  A few years back I made a large club for a friend and he dubbed it the B-52.  I've recently come across a limited supply of materials for constructing these and as of today they will be available on a first come first serve basis.  I leaked some pictures out the last few weeks and already a handful of people have theirs ordered and a couple are already swinging away. 

The B-52 will be the first StrongerGrip limited run of 2013.  It is a barrel style club. Overall length of 29".  1-5/8" Diameter handle x 8-1/4" long. Empty weight-26 lbs. Filled with sand 48 lbs. Filled with steel shot??? guesstimate upwards of 80-90 lbs.
They will be offered in a black textured finish at a standard price. Any custom colors or special requests will have an upcharge.  Check out my wood grain painted B-52.
Here is a link to pick yours up now!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Epic Sledge

Hey strength seekers

Epic Sledge is a perfect name.  A customer put in an order for a stainless steel Monster Sledge. I like to give more than expected, so I made a sledge that's bigger than the Monster out of steel to see how cool it would be.  Well, it turned out Fantastic!  Now when the Custom Stainless Sledge is finished it will be simply Epic!! Check out the pictures and video.  I finished making the Epic Sledge prototype last night, well actually early this morning. I got a little sleep, then woke up and in the video this was 10 mins after getting up, I did a few wake up swings with the 23 lb empty Monster Sledge, then grabbed the loaded Epic Sledge loaded up to 70 lbs!! and did what I could.  The NEW sledge weighs 26 lbs empty and loads up to 70 lbs with steel shot, heavier with lead shot!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Grandmaster Strongman

Hey strength seekers

In 2008 I was a part of Dennis Rogers Old Time Strongman University.  An incredible weekend of strength, mind, and performance information.  I met some amazing guys and many are good friends today.  Sometimes you wonder how crazy you are and if anyone else is just as crazy, in 2008 I found a room full of them, and with a group of us, we were the normal ones, following the voice in our heads that said "You will bend steel and do other feats of strength."  It was a very memorable time.  Dennis, who put on the shindig, has pretty much put the fire to bend steel, rip phone books and other crazy feats into just about all those who are doing it today.  He brought to light the old time strongman like DragonDoor brought kettlebells to the masses.  Dennis has a collection of DVDs showing, teaching you to do feats of strength.  I've watched them hundreds of times, as has many others.   Right now Bud & Logan are selling out the Dennis Rogers DVDs.  Dennis has decided to pull them from the market.  If there is a voice in your head whispering about bending steel and other feats of strength, then do yourself a favor and go get em before they are gone.  Dennis is a mentor and friend. A true inspiration.  The picture is Dennis wearing a StrongerGrip ape shirt next to Big Mark Henry.

Be strong and bend steel.
Gods Peace and Strength

Friday, December 7, 2012

Steel Plated Stomach with the Gut Wrench

Hey strength seekers

Many of you have asked where the Gut Wrench has gone.  As a part of my branching out and working with other fitness friends, StrongerThanU is the new home of the Gut Wrench.  Marketing and Branding expert Rocco Castellano from AskRoccomedia, Eric Chessen of Autism fitness and idea planter(Gut Wrench was his seed) and myself have big plans and more fun toys planned at StrongerThanU. 
This video will show you some stuff you can do with the Gut Wrench.

Have an awesome Friday!
Gods Peace and Strength

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Five feet of Fury

Hey strength seekers

Five feet of Fury, Ant Strong, Melody Schoenfeld is known by these monikers and for good reason.  She is a strong woman. I met her at the Super Human Training workshop, she is very knowledgeable and gives gals something to shoot for.  Women are strong and powerful and am thankful that she is out there inspiring others to get strong.  She offers some great training services in CA, check her out at Flawless Fitness.  She serves the Pasedena and Greater Los Angeles area.
Watch the 5 foot of fury doing pull ups with the StrongerGrip GripBalls, bottoms up presses with the leverage ball and some sledgehammer work with her StrongerGrip Shot Loadable Sledge.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shaolin plunging fingers of death

Hey strength seekers

Extraordinary physical feats and mythical strength has always been something that I see as being attainable.  As a youth I fed my mind with martial arts, bodybuilding, self-help, and anything related to getting a stronger mind and body.  I was/am obsessed with the amazing powers that each one of us has.  Watching unbelievable movies with Shaolin monks flying around sparked something and opened myself to the question what if....or why not...  Many people are so grounded in their own reality that they can not comprehend the what if of achieving something spectacular.  I mean outrageously spectacular!  Why not at least have that mind set that instead of that voice in your head saying no way, how about, what if, or why not!   With business, relationships, health, get ungrounded and see yourself doing something spectacular.
There's a book 72 Consumate Arts Secrets of the Shaolin Temple that has some outrageous lessons.  Like how to walk on walls and the other Shaolin stuff you see in movies, as crazy as it is, it's written with small steps to get you on the path to each feat.  Could it be possible? Honestly, the dedication and commitment to attain anything amazing  is down right tough that takes many many years of relentless pursuit.
If you are looking for a StrongerGrip, here is a easy(if you commit to it) way to build finger and hand strength like the shaolin monks AND all you need is a bucket and some sand. This is one of my daily tasks and recommend it to you as well.  Meet my friend B.O.S.  Bucket Of Sand:)  As you'll see in the video, there are a ton of variations using speed and hand twisting, finger positioning, one hand, two hands.  The bucket is a nice farm bucket $8.95 50 lb bag of playsand $3.85

Gods Peace and Strength

Monday, December 3, 2012

1,010 lb Plateau Buster deadlift

Hey strength seekers

One of the most basic movements for strength is pulling something off the ground. In the old days the guys would do hand/thigh lift.  It's a short pull with enormous poundages. Does this make you strong? Don't you need a full range of motion? Would  you like to pull 1,010 lbs at any range?  Short range movements do make you stronger.  Build a base of decent strength, then go ahead and try these.  Very powerful. David Dellanave from the Movement Minneapolis has an amazing deadlift at a lighter bodyweight. He's pulled over 600 lbs at 180 lbs of bodyweight, that's fantastic!  Check him out doing a 1,010 lb dead using the StrongerGrip Plateau Buster.  This is the olympic version of the PBSH, not the modular one, AND they have a 1" bar going through the PBSH to get that kind of weight on there. So, when you go buy one, you'll need to inquire about the T-Rex add on kit.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Indian Club exercise with Coach Tara

Hey strength seekers

I've got some friends in California who are always coming up with great ways to move with clubs, maces and other primal modes of training.  These guys/gals have tons of StrongerGrip gear and are building strength and health in fun and exciting ways. Check out Coach Tara as she swings the StrongerGrip loadable indian clubs.   One big reason training continues to be fun for me is the never ending way you can find new movements to apply to clubs, maces, sledgehammers and your own body.  Unlimited health and variety if your mind is set right.

Gods Peace and Strength

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Big Hitters using StrongerGrip Monster Sledge and Half-tire

Hello strength seekers

I had to share this video with you.  Talk about some heavy hitters.  Bud Jeffries, Mike Mahler and Josh.  I'm good friends with Bud, he's a big guy. Mike another big Tall guy, Josh, from my estimation in the video he is 10 ft tall:)  Holy mackeral, watch these guys beating the poor half tire.  Watch the whole video, you'll see the tire tipping over, which can happen if not hit just right, it has a way of teaching you coordination and foot movement as your striking to make it your own, BUT watch the human mind and how it solves problems,  one simple move and the tipping is solved.
You'll love it!

Happy December!
Gods Peace and Strength

Friday, November 30, 2012

SledgeHammer Tire solution

Hey strength seekers

For years I've been finding solutions to my own training obstacles.  One of them was what to beat on with a sledgehammer.  To this day, I'm not sure what struck me to cut a farm implement tire in half and beat the snot out of it, but many years later it has served myself and countless  others in their sledgehammer conditioning pursuit.  It's truly one of my best ideas for my own personal training, because I love sledgehammer work.  A very old school result producing form of fun:)
Here is a look from a few different angles of one of the half-tires in action.

A space saving, environmental friendly, sledgehammer approved solution to fit your hammer swinging needs.  Get yours HERE.